Individual Programs

Fitness Programming

  • Pre-Designed Programs: Live Wise has developed fitness regimens to increase foundational and general overall fitness levels.  We also offer strength specific programming for rock climbing, mountaineering, and other adventure sports.
  • One on One Coaching: This individualized coaching program starts with a consultation (in-person or over the phone) with Trey to set goals.  Your first meeting is followed up with a sport and individualized specific program to meet your needs.  Monthly meetings are scheduled to check on progress and introduce new programming.  

Food/Health Coaching

Live Wise believes in the concept of bio-individuality meaning that everyone is different.  Through our health coaching programming, you work with Trey on figuring out what is the most ideal food and lifestyle regimen to create your optimal level of health and performance.  We discuss foods to add in and take out as well as areas of life that could potentially be causing stress, impeding your performance.  Set up a consultation in-person or over the phone with Trey and follow with bi-weekly meetings for either three or six months.  Live Wise believes that the long-term approach allows the client to stay accountable with their food and life protocols to provide lasting change.  

The Whole Shebang


This is it.  The whole shebang.  Fitness programming, food, and lifestyle coaching all in one.  Set up a consultation in person or over the phone with Trey and let the magic happen.  You’ll piece together goals and meet biweekly with Trey and receive feedback on how to reach these goals.  You’ll learn about body awareness including what foods, mindsets, and exercises lead you to your optimal performance levels.  You’ll receive progressive fitness programming as you develop through the program.  We’ll discuss what foods will optimize your best energy output for your specific sport.  We’ll also talk about ways to decrease stress in life as well as work on approaches to train your mind to meet your goals.


Group Programs

These are designed for Live Wise to come to your company or event and offer a variety of services to best fit your needs/interests.  

Healthy Living Talk

This program offers a general synopsis on health and wellness.  Topics covered include the human body, the nervous system, food intake, physical activity, deep breathing, sleep, community, the power of positive thinking, and self-care.  Healthy living gives you the basic idea of what the body does and ways to adapt your diet and lifestyle to best achieve overall wellness.

Fueling for Fitness Talk

Fueling for Fitness is a talk designed to educate the group on how the body functions prior, during and post exercise.  On top of this, the group will also learn effective ways to fuel their body and how to listen to your body, a way to see what each person’s body responds best to different types of food.  This hour long talk will also include recovery and hydration

Lifelong Healthy Habits Talk

With advances in modern medicine, the average lifespan of humans has significantly increased over the past century.  We are currently in a stage in which the way we are treating our bodies and minds, the children of the current generation have a high probability of living shorter lives than us.  The question comes, “Are we living too short and dying too long?”  Most Americans go through many years of morbidity towards the end of their lives.  This program discusses ways to live a long and healthy live, minimizing the years at the end of life in which a person is unhappy and suffering through diet and lifestyle changes.

Custom Talk

This option is customized to the needs of your group.  Noticed a common health or wellness issue occurring with your staff/employees?  We can customize a talk related to a specific need.  Topics can range from physical activity, increased stress, diet, and most other issues in this realm.  

The Works- 4 Hour Multidiscipline

Looking for a little activity, coupled with some information on healthy living?  This is what you’re looking for.  The Works, as advertised, is a range of activities.  It begins with a one hour talk on Healthy Living, followed by 45 minutes of circuit training, a quick break for recovery, one hour of yoga, and a guided meditation to finish up.  You’ll begin the day learning about the functions of the body and how this effects the mind, then put that fresh education into practice through physical activity and mindfulness practice.

Custom Retreat

We can also take any of the activities offered in our multidiscipline program, and customize a morning or afternoon training to best fit the needs of your group.  Have another issue that hasn’t been listed?  Feel free to inquire about any possible health or wellness concerns that are prominent with your group.  These trainings can be worked around a specific timeframe and topics and/or activities.


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