This isn’t the kind of values like morals or ethics…well kind of isn’t.  This is about the value of….…

I was recently speaking with a client about how much we value things.  I asked him how much he values his happiness?  He responded with, “that’s deep.”  So we started the discussion on the values we put on various aspects of our lives.

I brought the conversation back to material things.  When you spend a bunch of money on something, you typically get a product that is much superior to that that costs much less.  With that, the product normally lasts longer and long-term, in most cases, ends up saving you money in the long run or even making you money if it’s something that you may use for your work.

So I pose the question to you: how much do you value your happiness…your health…your family time…your higher learner…your career/business…your travel…your (insert word)?  Now, let’s rework the recent metaphor and exchange money for time because that is the ultimate equalizer for us as humans.  In order for us to achieve desired result (emotional, physical, whatever it is), we have to understand that we must prioritize ‘said thing.’  What does that mean?  Shaving off the things that aren’t necessary.  

My client put it a more palatable way.  He said, “It’s like eating healthier.  You have the junk foods you need to cut out, and the salads you need to eat more of.”  Everyone’s “junk foods” are different.  This could mean rolling out of bed and stretching rather than grabbing your phone and scrolling through your social media feed…guilty, it could mean cutting toxic people out of your life, it could mean shutting off the TV 30 mins earlier than normal, it could mean pursuing a different career, it could mean anything for you.  But in order to start having more salads, we have to shave off some of the junk food.  Some folks can throw all the junk food in the garbage tomorrow and insert salads, and some of us need to say we’re only going to have two pints of ice cream a week vs every night.  We’re all different and need to do things in different ways/time frames.  We all need to add in different kinds of salads.

So I ask that you think about the salads you want to add to your life (could be metaphorical or actual salads) and think about the things to shave off that can still leave some room for you salad.  Think about how much you value your salads and know that the more you value it the more you have to do to make it a reality.  There’s a high likelihood that if your salad is actual physical health and you prioritize this, yes, it may cost more to buy produce, yes, that gym membership is going to eat up some funds, but in return, you’ll more than likely end up having more energy, a longer life without major health issues, less medical expenses, the list goes on.  This works with whatever salad you want to put in there!

And if ya need any ideas on how to organize your daily/weekly “intake,” just tap that contact button on the top and let’s chat!